It's not a purple quest, its a yellow exclamation mark. Go to the Arena in luterra and get a quest next to the knights training. Then youll go southeast down some stairs and talk to an old lady, buy some perfume, and after doing those two quests youll have 5 green engravings. You'll come back to luterra around 35 with the story quest.. Jun 11, 2022 ยท Lost Ark features a robust sailing mechanic, which allows for naval fights, and discovery and exploration of Dungeons and Islands. Every Lost Ark Island is unique, inhabited by charming creatures. Each island also has its challenges and events, completing which earn you Island Souls (also referred to as Island Tokens).. Lost Ark - Character level Achievement Chest (Time limited) By purchasing this pack for only 1100 Royal Crystals (11$), you will receive 520 Crystals per every 10 levels until you hit level 50. Which is 2600 Crystals in total. This is enough crystals to buy 6 Months Crystalline Aura Subscription which normally costs (49.99$).. "/>Lost ark purple exclamation mark